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Is Freelancing the Answer?

February 14, 2012

After trying what seems like every single job board available, I am looking in another direction for employment. I am considering becoming a freelancer! From what I can tell there are two ways I can approach this. I can use one of the many freelancing sites or I can branch out on my own to build a client list. I have accounts with,, and

Elance may be one of the largest sites of the three with over 1,000,000 freelancers or experts. You can sign up for a basic account, which is free, or pay for a premium plan. Guru claims to have over 1,000,000 freelancers as well. They also offer free or premium accounts. Finally, oDesk has hourly and fixed-rate jobs. oDesk has software that has to be installed to track time spent on a project or job. oDesk does not charge membership fees and the amount you pay per job is 10% of final pay.

I am going to pursue these sites to determine what jobs are available, the pay, and  the success rates for bidding on the available jobs. If you have any experience with either of these sites, please feel free to share your experiences.

~Think about it…


Are Job Boards Working?

January 30, 2012

If anyone reading this knows someone, anyone hired for a full-time job using one of the popular job boards, I would like to hear from you! You see, I have been searching for a job for 17 months and my main search methods are job boards. I have an account for them all., etc.; not to mention all of the accounts I have set up directly with company websites because no one wants a paper application or resume anymore. One university mailed my resume back to me with a nice little letter stating that they do not accept paper resumes and that I should go to their website to apply!

I am not questioning the validity of these job board sites but I find it hard to believe that any human resource executives are reading the thousands of applications submitted via the web and making decisions based solely on the ridiculous questionnaires that you have to fill out during the application process. Have you ever applied for a position online and were asked to take an assessment? There are questions like: “If your co-worker is being rude to a customer what would you do? (a.) report your co-worker to your supervisor, (b.) tell the employee not to be rude or (c.) do nothing”.  Now come on!!!! Anyone with half a mind will answer the assessment questions correctly.

Another point to make is that in some cases the same job opening is repeated across several job boards.  So which one do you use to apply for a position? If and have the exact same position listed with the same company, which job board will the recruiter or human resource manager use to choose applicants?

The more I think about this, the more suspicious I am. I imagine trillions of gigabytes of resume data floating around in cyberspace waiting to be downloaded by one of those magical human resource Gods.

~Think about it…